memory, attention, and perception

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In addition to being a proponent of interdisciplinary studies, I also believe that studying how different cognitive systems interact gives us a richer insight both into the function of the individual systems and of the mind more broadly. So far, I’ve worked on interactions between memory & attention and attention & perception, and I’m excited to further explore these and other interactions as a graduate student.

Effects of divided attention on recognition and source memory

As a senior, I designed an experiment investigating how divided attention during encoding modulates source and recognition accuracy, confidence, and metacognition. I presented the results at the Boston College Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (see below) and have submitted a manuscript to Mental Note. These results are part of a bigger project, my double-credit, interdisciplinary thesis on the psychology and epistemology of episodic memory, which you can check out here.

Exogenous attentional modulation of contrast sensitivity across the visual field

This is a project I worked on with Michael Jigo during my NSF-REU fellowship in Marisa Carrasco’s lab at NYU. The experiment (and thus results) changed a lot after the program ended, but here’s a snapshot of where we were at when I presented this poster the Summer Student Diversity Conference in 2018.