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I like science, I like art, and I like making things. But most of all, I like finding creative ways to bring together all of my different interests. Here are some of the ways I’ve done that.

default mode

The epitome of a passion project, default mode is a radio show wherein I play variants of psychedelic music and interview researchers in neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy. The first installment ran biweekly throughout my senior year, produced at and airing on WZBC-Newton, my beloved non-profit, non-commercial college radio station. The second installment is also airing biweekly on WZBC, but I’m producing it remotely from Durham.

I love talking with people about the work that they do and giving them a platform to share that work with others. But something I especially loved about hosting the show live was that listeners could call in and speak directly with my guest scholar. This took the public access dimension of the show to a whole new level, and is something I really look forward to reviving if/when I can start broadcasting locally again.

You can listen to my most recent episode below, and check out previous episodes here. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to record all of the shows I hosted while at BC, so what you’ll see there is an incomplete history. If you’d like to be featured on the show, please get in touch! I’d love to work with you :)

Maria Khoudary · social philosophy, bias & stereotypes, and queerness: Austin Baker

In Conversation

A piece of video art created by me and Josh Artman that was featured in the inaugural issue of Coucou Zine.

In Conversation from Josh Artman on Vimeo.

Empathy is at the core of human connection. Here, we depict an abstraction of empathetic processes as they unfold over the course of a conversation. As one empathizes with the other, their neural activity becomes increasingly similar. When they retreat back into themselves, their patterns become more different. And there are an infinite amount of possible dynamics that exist between these extremes. What is impossible, however, is the two ever becoming exactly identical – this is prevented by idiosyncrasies in their neuroanatomy. In this we can find a neat analogy to the paradox of total empathy: understanding the state of another requires simultaneously retaining a sense of one’s self.


A piece of media made about me! I had the distinct pleasure of being the subject of my friend Louise’s cinematography final during our senior year. Check it out if you’d like to learn more about what WZBC means to me (and check out Louise’s Vimeo to see how much she’s grown as a filmmaker. I’m so proud of her!).