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a painfully incomplete archive

small note: the descriptions of these episodes is obviously an oversimplification. because the structure is more conversational than a rigid interview, any given episode will cover multiple topics. but something constant throughout all episodes is a commitment to explaining the logic & limits of cognitive neuroscience methods, something I think is deeply important for a public-facing scientific conversation

Table of Contents

Installment One: produced in Chestnut Hill, MA; aired biweekly Thursdays on WZBC-Newton


My first show! I talk with Rosalie Samide, Ph.D. candidate at Boston College, about her work on reappraisal of emotional memories. Playlist available here.


I talk with then Ph.D. candidate at Boston College, now Assistant Professor of Psychology at Worcester State University, Brittany Jeye, about false memory. Playlist available here.


I talk with Maureen Ritchey, Assistant Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience at Boston College, about language, memory, and emotion. Playlist available here.


I talk with Enoch Lambert, postdoctoral fellow in the Center for Cognitive Science at Tufts, about free will, determinism, and illusionism. Playlist available here.

Installment Two: produced in Durham, NC; aired biweekly Thursdays on WZBC-Newton


I talk with Kevin O’Neill, Ph.D. student at Duke University, about causation, self-aware robots, and whether there’s such a thing as computational metaphilosophy. Playlist available here.


I talk with Anna Smith, Ph.D. student at Duke University, about memory, mind-wandering, and neuroaesthetics. Playlist available here.


I talk with Sade Abiodun, Ph.D. student at Princeton University, about meta-science, plurality, and how neurocinematics and web design are more similar than you might think. Playlist available here.


I talk with Leonard Faul, Ph.D. candidate at Duke University, about mood, emotion, and memory. Playlist available here.


I talk with Allie Sinclair, Ph.D. candidate at Duke University, about memory, belief updating, and learning from error. Playlist available here


I talk with Eric Juarez, Ph.D. candidate at Duke University, about aging, decision-making, and the stories we tell ourselves. Playlist available here.


I talk with Kristina Krasich, postdoctoral associate at Duke University, about mind-wandering, responsibility, and visual perception (among many other things). Playlist available here.


I talk with Brenda Yang, PhD, about how memories for fiction interact with imagination to structure our models of the world and of our selves


I talk with Felipe De Brigard about how he uses the tools of neuroscience and philosophy to ask questions about the nature of human thought.

Installment Three: produced in Durham, NC; aired biweekly Fridays on WZBC-Newton


I talk with Paul Henne, assistant professor at Lake Forest College, about causal reasoning, causation, and experimental philosophy.


I talk with Austin Baker, PhD, postdoctoral assistant professor at Rutgers University, about social philosophy, the science of bias & stereotypes, and queerness.