Maria Khoudary

Wondering how to pronounce my name?

Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Maria Khoudary (they/she), and I’m a lab manager and research assistant in Felipe De Brigard’s Imagination and Modal Cognition Lab at Duke University. I also help Felipe and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong coordinate the Summer Seminars in Neuroscience and Philosophy (SSNAP), a program that is just as awesome as it sounds.

I graduated magna cum laude from Boston College in 2019 with a B.S. in Psychology (honors) and a second major in Philosophy. I wrote my senior thesis on the epistemic reliability of episodic memory, using an original experiment on source monitoring as a case study. I was co-advised by Maureen Ritchey and Richard Atkins, with lots of help from members of Maureen’s Memory Modulation Lab.

I’m applying to Ph.D. programs in cognitive neuroscience to pursue my dream of making a career out of studying how the brain creates the mind. I want to use my graduate studies to start integrating memory into consciousness science, a project that will look different depending on who I end up working with. Some possible topics include: mechanisms of mnemonic metacognition, contributions of episodic memory to perceptual decision-making, delineating first- and second-order properties of memory representations, and internal attentional modulation of recollective processes and phenomenology.